Quarterly Service Breakdown

Exo Pest is a leading pest control company based in the Boise, Idaho. With years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to providing effective and environmentally friendly solutions to our clients. Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that your home or business is pest-free. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed expectations with every service we provide.

Perimeter Barrier

Most insects find their way into homes by coming through cracks or other entry points around the bottom of homes. We apply a long lasting, weather resistant, liquid barrier around entire home to help flush and keep insects away from small entry points.

Web And Nest Removal 

Using our handy dandy telescopic brush, we scrub down eaves, windows, vents, patio decks, and other hard to reach areas, to not only clean off unwanted webs and insect nests, but to also apply eco-friendly products to ensure they stay away.

Yard Treatment

We use micro-encapsulated granules to spread 15 feet from home into surrounding soil, grass, or garden beds without washing away or damaging plants. This helps thin out and repel unwanted insects from the yard.

Interior Treatment

We understand that every home is a little different. We use a wide variety of methods and eco-friendly products to best treat your home. We can treat inside drywall, windowsills, door seals, cracks, and more.

Exterminator in work wear spraying pesticide with sprayer.

Garage Treatment

Garages are an easy place for insects and rodents to escape from harsh weather conditions. We will brush away webs, spray around accessible entry points, and treat for rodents.

Portrait of a redback spider

Rodent Treatment

Whether it’s inside or out, rodents can cause more damage than any other pest. We use bait boxes to help catch unwanted rodents around the home. Treatment areas will be outside, inside, garage, and more. 

The gray mouse hides for a broom